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Future product features list?


I love the direction of where this is all going and am super excited to see what else Simscale is able to do in the next few years. Is there some a place where the Simscale team is documenting their future planned feature updates? In particular, I work on consumer electronics where drop simulations and complete thermal simulations are the two primary types of simulations that are done on a regular basis.

The thermal simulations are much improved after the addition of conjugate heat method, but radiation plays a significant role in getting a full picture of thermal cooling.

For drop simulations on assemblies with hundreds of parts with nonlinear contacts, explicit dynamics will be needed.


Hey @btrinh,

thanks for the feedback again. Unfortunately we do not have a public product road map in place, but as I mentioned for the keyboard shortcuts we are right preparing a concept of transparently showcasing new features and planned features as well as tools to add feature requests and prioritize them within the community. We will of course announce this!

Very interesting to hear as well about your fields of application! Would you be interested in discussing the main UX improvements and feature requests that you would see in order to make SimScale easily usable and mighty especially for the heat analyses in electronics? That would be great. I would send you a private message in this case. In product management we are always eager for expert feedback from different industries!

Thanks again for the feedback,

Best Alex


@afischer Message me anytime about this.