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Hi guys,

any ideas how the thread about the FEM(Solid Mechanics, Thermal Analysis) and CFD fundamentals should be named? I would suggest we add another thread in the forum but before we publish “Chapters” we post them in a seperate thread here in the Power Users Group and discuss what might be improved.
And it would be cool if we have responsible guys from the staff checking our chapters.

I would start with the Finite Element Method (preferably alone because I want to be consistent with my chapters but if you have ideas I will highlight that you gave me the inspiration ;-)) including the following points at the beginning:

• History of FEM
• Matrix Algebra
• Truss analysis (Derivation of the basic equations by analysing truss structures/beams)
• Strong/Weak form
• and so on…

I would also add some homework as an annex but without giving the solution. People doing the homework can send their ideas to me handwritten as a photo or scanned to me and I will correct them. As soon as they have a certain amount of points they receive a badge for the chapter they completed. I think that will be super cool and immensely motivates new users.

What do you think? Other wishes? Improvements?

Moved from the PowerUser group to Meta to let others participate in the discussion (@CadManDo, …)

@AnnaFless hope we can leave it in the Meta topic. Waiting for your response.

Hi @jousefm - moving this to the #community-support-and-collaboration category since it’ll be a team effort with you heading up the FEM sections.

I’d say we post all of the topics in the #using-simscale:fea topic (Part 1, Part 2, etc.) and then we can add the link to the previous and next topic so that they flow together nicely