'FSAE-Workshop-S4-FW Optimization' simulation project by AMartinezCava


I created a new simulation project called 'FSAE-Workshop-S4-FW Optimization':

Optimization of a FSAE car Front Wing. Geometry modeled in CATIA, exported to STL.

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Not a real optimization, as the front wing behaves worser than the original reference model. Possibly due to the not optimized new flap, the reduction of effective area with the addition of mid-endplates (mid-plates?), thought to make the diffuser more effective and to increase behaviour with yaw angle.Mid-region of the FW has been changed to a symmetrical aerofoil, reducing downforce in that point but increasing the flow to the diffuser.


After post-processing solution the origin for the lack of downforce seems to be related with the centre part of the FW. The addition of the middle endplate actually increases the downforce in the outboard section of the wing, this helped by the pressure on the upper side of the new flap (there is not much suction on the inner side of it, though). However, the middle region does not work at all, and there is a big loose of downforce there.Result, a final decrement of 10% (at least) in downforce.