'FSAE-Workshop-S3- Yaw angle- Analysis-Simulation' simulation project by JuanJGalvisH


I created a new simulation project called 'FSAE-Workshop-S3- Yaw angle- Analysis-Simulation':

FSAE-Workshop Session-3 Homework project for aerodynamics of full car

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At the date of delivery the results of the simulation, 22/12/2016 @7:15 (Venezuela Local time) the simulation was executed only to the 42%, not enough for the solver to give a Field solution picture.
For the next hours the Full Simulation will be displayed, updating the results and giving a proper analisys to the field solutions and force ploting!
Thanks for reading.
Juan Galvis


an important note is that the simluation achived the 42% of complete study in a time of 423, so it would reach the total study, maybe, in twice the time proposed by the team and even the one I have spected, based on the study of the half model.
As i’ve said, the full study will be posted in a few hours, due to the re-start of the simulation after having submited the homework link.
thanks for your patience