'FSAE-Workshop-S1-FrontWing Analysis HW' simulation project by Ali_Arafat


I created a new simulation project called 'FSAE-Workshop-S1-FrontWing Analysis HW':

FSAE workshop session 1-Front Wing Analysis homework tutorial project. For Step-By-Step see: https://www.simscale.com/forum/t/step-by-step-tutorial-homework-of-session-1/52675

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FSAE-Workshop Session-1: Front Wing Analysis Homework project

For Step-By-Step tutorial please goto:


Thanks Ali.
Sorry I had to leave early the Webinar and I couldn’t make it to the end of it. I missed the final Q&A, probably the ones regarding how to obtain the OPTIPROF software, for aerofoil design. What’s the way forward to get the non-commercial distribution of the software?
Many thanks in advance.


I just joined to simscale and i would like to obtain the OPTIPROF software. Is it possible?



Hi @endeesto,

Maybe @Milad_Mafi can help you out here.