'FSAE 2017-Workshop-S1-FrontWing Analysis HW' simulation project by hnguyen


I created a new simulation project called 'FSAE 2017-Workshop-S1-FrontWing Analysis HW':

FSAE workshop session 1-Front Wing Analysis homework tutorial project. For Step-By-Step see: 1. https://www.simscale.com/forum/t/step-by-step-tutorial-session-1-front-wing-design-study-part-1/78755 2. Tutorial part 2: https://www.simscale.com/forum/t/step-by-step-tutorial-session-1-front-wing-design-study-part-2/79155

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Main Wing Standard:

pressure force x = 10,53

pressure force z = -100,4

viscous force x = 1,239

Flap Standard:

pressure force x = 22,18

pressure force z = -27,54

viscous force x = 0,126

Main Wing High_Downforce:

pressure force x = 9,028

pressure force z = -94,16 

viscous force x = 1,205

Flap High_Downforce:

pressure force x = 25,58

pressure force z = -25,88

viscous force x = 0,072

The standard wing position will give us better performance. The drag ist less than of the high downforce wing and the value of downforce is just higher.