'Free surface waterfall' simulation project by Milad_Mafi


I created a new simulation project called 'Free surface waterfall':

This project demonstrates a multiphase flow simulation of a waterfall.

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The domain which is divided between water and air has been uploaded as a STEP file to the SimScale platform. The mesh was generated using the hex-dominant mesh operation including a local mesh refinement of the region where the actual waterfall will appear to resolve the fine granular flow structures in that part of the flow domain. The resulting mesh consist of close to 2.8 million cells.

The simulation was set up using the analysis type for multiphase flow using a VoF method to capture the free surface. A fixed inlet flow velocity was assigned as a boundary condition and a specific water reservoir on the bottom was initialized. The simulation was carried out on a 16 core machine and took several hours.

The results provide a detailed insight into the resulting free surface and spilling behavior as well as local velocities.


I have a silly question. How did you create the water and air bodies in one single CAD block?



Hi Vinh,

you can create water and air bodies in SimScale during the simulation setup. There is no need to create this bodies in your CAD system.





Hi Milad,

I have a question as well. How did you get post-processing to show the contour of the waterfall and the faces of the object? Whenever I try to do so (by removing the internal mesh) it makes the contour only show up on the faces and not in the internal area.


Good simulation!