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Hi SimScalers,

I usually see many interesting topics here in the forum and that I revisit them sporadically. However, I always need to “look for them” when I want to reread them. I suggest the addition of favoring a forum comment to make it easier to access it. I know we can do this using the browser, but I believe the dynamics would improve if the user could access a “saved posts” location or something like this :smile:



Hi Vinicius!

You can bookmark posts - is that something you already use or did you have another feature in mind? :slight_smile: The bookmark button can be found next to the “flag post” button.



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Yes bookmarking is a GREAT forum feature. I use it extensively and my bookmark list is sorted by order of bookmark creation, which is better than alphabetic.

However I have been wishing it could also be sorted by ‘Number of times visited’ lately because then the really useful bookmarks would be easier to find the next time you want to find them :wink: (hint hint)


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