Formula 1 slipstream mesh


After having succesfully created a simulation of the Formula 1 2017 car I intend to create an escenario where 2 cars are separated by a certain distance simulating a slipstream effect (trying to overtake each other).
The problem is that I am not able to generate the mesh as I get an error. Can anybody help me?

The simulation is called cars_separated and can be found here:

An important detail is that my geometry importation includes the 2 cars + a bounding box as I am not able to create an enclosure with Simscale. This methodology worked pretty well with the case of 1 single car.


Hi Alex!

I would probably simplify the geometry as very small details in your geometry can cause this error.


But the geometry gave me no problems when simulating it alone. It is supposed to have been designed as a CFD ready geometry.

Yes could be Alex but then the more tiny/sophisticated parts have to undergo another refinement step as stated in the error message. Also see the log where you have a few illegal cells.



And lowering the refinement level would help?

Increasing the refinement would help to get rid of the message.



Okay, I will try to refine everything to a higher level. I thought this would mean more possible errors but I will try.