'Fork Simulation' simulation project by adam_standard


I created a new simulation project called 'Fork Simulation':

Simulation on basic pallet fork

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@adam_standard - I ran a quick test over here: https://www.simscale.com/projects/dheiny/fork_simulation - I’d recommend using 2nd order elements though to get more accurate results. Are you involved in fork lift design?


Yes, I am. I was simulating a fork just as an initial test case. I am having issues getting the simulated part to pull into the post-processor view however, the loading bar is just churning away after I click on the solution results and try to bring them into my window. I’m going to try and download the paraview software to see if I can do local post-processing.


@adam_standard - as the post-processor right now is still in beta, having Paraview locally is a good idea. I’ll give you access to all kinds of advanced result analysis. However the online post-processor works fine for me for your result. You only need to select the Solution fields tree item on the left, wait a few seconds, then your result field will be loaded on the right - see this (bad quality) gif animation:

Does it behave differently for you?


Yes, it will not pull in the data. It is an error on our end. SSL injection, which is causing everything to slow way down.