'Fluidik in der Pumpe' simulation project by mmarhoefer


I created a new simulation project called 'Fluidik in der Pumpe':

Examination of the behavior of water inside the pump chamber

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@mmarhoefer - very interesting geometry, I’d be interested in helping setting up the sim! What type of pump is it?


I think I could use some help. I gave it a try to become familiar with the program. I also managed to set up a simulation. Yet, I am not sure, if I have set up everything correctly for what I would like to do.
It is actually a very small rotating pump. The model just represents the fluidic volume, when the pump sucks in water. I would like to apply a pressure of 1 bar to the face at the small end of the model. My aim is to investigate how the water is sucked in and flows inside the modeled volume. I believe some air might be trapped inside, so that some water bubbles are left. Since the model is very small and water is pumped, I assume laminar flow and an incompressible/Newtonian fluid.