'fluid test' simulation project by mategyerek


I created a new simulation project called 'fluid test':


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Nice project @mategyerek!

What is the simulation about? Is this a thesis project or some exercise from your university?




Thank you for comment @jousefm!
This project is kind of an experiment for me. I am a high school student and recently I became very interested in 3D modelling and simulation softwares.
In this project everything went fine, but I have started another project ‘still experimenting’. I have imported the file in stl format, so I tried to run a surface split operation (just like on the previous one). However the operation has failed and there was nothing in the event log either. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong, I tried to run the operation multiple times with different feature angles, but nothing worked. After a while I have reported my issue to the support (two days ago), but they haven’t replied yet.
My biggest problem is that there is no information in the event log, so I don’t know what the problem actually is. Can you possibly help?


Hi @mategyerek!

Sometimes the splitting operation fails and the user is advised to perform this operation either on Onshape or any other CAD software. I am tagging my fellow PowerUsers @vgon_alves and @Get_Barried here who might help you out here and give you tips on your CAD model.

Indeed there should be an extra warning for incidents like these and we could add this request from you in the “Vote For Features” section in our forum which is a dedicated area where people can speak their mind and tell the team what features they would like to see on the platform. According to the number of upvotes we prioritize items and start working on them :slight_smile:

So let’s see what my colleagues can find out. If I have time later on I will also try to perform an operation on Onshape.

All the best!



Hi everyone,

Honestly I do not usually use the split tool in SimScale. Maybe my colleague Barry can help you better.
Just to reinforce that in a CAD software you will be able to do this quietly. if you do not have one, the Onshape may be right for you.
Here you have a guide to how to split a surface using Onshape.

Hope it helps you.



Hi everyone,

The surface split does not work due to the triangulation of the geometry in STL. There are just too many surfaces.

A fix would be to take the original geometry and convert it to another format like STEP or Solidworks part which would already have your faces split.