'Fluid 2' simulation project by AndreevMGLN


I created a new simulation project called 'Fluid 2':

fluid 2

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Hello @AndreevMGLN,

I think you are trying to simulate the flow of outer fluid through a heat exchanger - you have an interesting geometry :slight_smile:
The divergence during the simulation could be due to some irregularities in the mesh. This can be avoided by creating a semi-automatic mesh, i.e. Hex-dominant Parametric (as shown in figure below), and then include “Surface refinement” for the curved inner surfaces where it is expected to have contact with the pipe.

If you have queries regarding the setup of this (or) any other simulation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sam (@sjesu_rajendra)


Dear @sjesu_rajendra.Thank for you advice! I’ll try solve it!)
Yes, you right! It’s an a heat exchanger! :relaxed: