'FlowTest1' simulation project by ddaum


I created a new simulation project called 'FlowTest1':


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Hi @ddaum

I see that your simulation gave an error. I have taken a closer look and it turns out that your “Run time” exceeded the “Maximum runtime” value ( that is used for capping/truncating simulation runs after a certain time to save compute hours )

The figure shows “Maximum runtime” set by you to 18000 sec = 300 min

The simulation “Runtime” reached 301 min , causing termination of the run:

As the simulation reached only 20% by this time you will need to increase the “Maximum runtime” to more than 90,000 for it to finish. Alternatively, you may reduce the “End time value” (under simulation Control) from 60 to a lower value.

I hope this helps

Ali ( Tag me in the reply by using @Ali_Arafat )


Hi @Ali_Arafat ,
thank you for your hint. Now i see it: its 18.000 seconds but 300 MINUTES. I guess my fault was i just saw the numbers not the units and so i didn’t get what was the problem. ok, i need to learn to read for the future :sweat:


Hello @ddaum,

It seems like you have some problem with the simulation. There are some suggestions from my side to perform the analysis. Consider simplifying the geometry since irregular geometry gives rise to the following type of mesh, which might cause divergence of turbulent flow.

If you would like to retain the geometry then please introduce refinements in specific regions to get accurate results. Secondly, try to run the simulation with ‘Local time-stepping’ turned off. This is usually suitable for laminar flow. Also please check the values of ‘Turbulent kinetic energy’ and ‘turbulent dissipation rate for the case’.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any queries.

Best regards,
Sam (@sjesu_rajendra)