'flow over the oriental pearl tower' simulation project by mashhood


I created a new simulation project called 'flow over the oriental pearl tower':

A very basic simulation of CFD was conducted for flow over the tower

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The normal mesh with automatic transistion of coraser from free stream to finer level towards the structure is performed.

The hexagonal dominant mesh elements in the wind tunnel testing CFD are used. In turn they cover the curved parts of the strucural topography easily by still retaining the igher order of the element.

According to CWE (computational wind engineering) practices, height above the building is kept 2 x Height and similar to this the spaces in both side walls are also kept at this distance.

For current large scale flow LES turbulance model with two simulation cases was performed.

First with for 60s seconds with zero turbulance viscocity while the second one for 120 seconds and turbulance viscocity of 1 m2/s.

In the first case turbulance was not quit clear while in the second case where non zero turbulance viscocity was present it detected the vorticity values in a domain.

To develop this project further for vortex shedding modelling purposes, the ratio between time step and spatial element meshing can be settled to take care of the CFL number and also the optimized and relevant case turbulance viscosity can also be used for further results refinment.


Very nice project! Props!