Flow in Box

this project is for assessment , where i am trying to get internal flow for a box which is completely sealed . The heat from heat source is rejected to the sink inside a tunnel . the air is brought into the tunnel with fan.
When i consider the whole internal volume , I cannot select the tunnel face as an inlet and outlet (it shows multiple surface interference ). I tried giving some gap between the volumes but there is pressure development which results in failure .
How can i select the tunnel face as an inlet and outlet ?

Project: Https://www.simscale.com/projects/gthakur2907/flow_in_box/

Hey @gthakur2907!

Thanks for reaching out. Taggine the PowerUsers here to give you some input for your project, will have a look at it later on. And please always put your project link inside the post otherwise people have to copy/past the link from the topic :wink:



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Hi @gthakur2907,

Before we tackle the simulation issues. You have big problems in the geometry. Namely, the geometry has alot of intersections and I mean really alot. You need to ensure your model is as simple as possible, free of intersections and clean.

Right now I see boxes in a box and in another box, surface interference and intersections all over the place.

Do fix that first.



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@Get_Barried Thanks . Can you have a look at Box_v20 geometry .

Hi @gthakur2907,

Box_v20 is the problematic one, as well as the ones before that. Your latest model, Box_v22 seems ok.

For your simulation, I do not think you need to enclose the box since you are defining a Cartesian box in the mesh.

Now currently it seems you are defining a outside boundary box with another boundary box that contains your actual box.

Consider choosing between having a bounding domain as part of the geometry or the bounding box as part of the mesh, not both. Having both will cause interference and you go back to the first issue of geometry intersections.

Hi @Get_Barried. I the Cartesian box that i have defined , i am using it as momentum source . now the simulation works but air volume temperature remains same through out .
I am following the following documentation : https://www.simscale.com/docs/tutorials/thermal-management-cht-analysis-electronics-box/