'Flow analysis' simulation project by any


I created a new simulation project called 'Flow analysis':

testing flow behavoir

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Hi @any,

interesting model + simulation! I had a quick look, the whole project (mesh generation approach + sim setup) do look good. I suspect the problem to be your inlet boundary condition. You “suck” out the air with a velocity outlet but restrict the inlet to a freestream with zero velocity. I’d try to set this to a pressure-inlet with total pressure being zero (it’s incompressible anyways). Then that should work.




Hi dheiny,

thank you! This was the essential hint.

I’m very happy with the simscale application and your teaching.


Hi @any,

glad I could help - looks like that did the trick as residual convergence behavior and results do make sense. One additional hint: Your simulation control settings are:

You’re running a steady state simulation, this means the actual time values of the simulation are irrelevant, only the number of iterations matter. You set the end time to 0.5 and time step to 0.005 which means your sim will only do 100 iterations. I’d rather recommend 1000 steps. I’d suggest:

  • End time value = 1000
  • Time step length = 1
  • Write interval = 1000 (otherwise a lot of unnecessary data will be generated)

This should bring the residuals even more down and give you a good solution.