'Flow Analysis of a Venturi Injector' simulation project by jprobst


I created a new simulation project called 'Flow Analysis of a Venturi Injector':

This project simulates incompressible flow through a Venturi Injector

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In this project an internal laminar fluid flow through a venturi injector is shown. The CAD model is courtesy of GrabCAD member Anuj Kaushal
The model was uploaded to the platform as a STEP file consisting out of a single solid.

For the mesh generation we apply an automatic snappyHexMesh for internal flow, the fineness is chosen as coarse coarse. The resulting mesh consists out of around 340.000 volumes and is shown in the figure below.

In this project the flow through the injector is simulated. Therefore, the two fluids were injected with different velocities and the resulting fluid flow can be analyzed as shown in the screenshots below. The first image shows
the pressure field, the second one the velocity field in the outlet zone and the third one the velocity streamlines in the injector.


how to download this tempalte for CAD Model?


Hi @jhernandezcass!

Just click the download button in the Mesh tab (see picture).

Hope that helps!




Hi....I am new here...How to get a very clean screenshot like you got....I tried to save the picture of my project but always not clear...


Hi @aminotot!

For high resolution post-processing pictures you could take Paraview as an offline solution. :+1: