Flat Facet Error and

Hi guys!

I’m trying to upload a 3D model to conduct a Car Park Contamination Simulation. The file shows on the dashboard window however I keep getting an error highlighting that

“Trying to sew and solidify sheet bodies (surface data) in the model. Some sheet bodies left.”

However when I review the model in the software I created it in, it’s perfectly fine.

I’ve tried the “Isolate faulty bodies” option but nothing seems to happen.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s the link:


There are unfortunately several parts in the geometry that are not compatible here.

@yosukegb4, do you mind having a look at it with Rhino to see if there’s something going on? Much appreciated!


Hi everyone!

I downloaded the model “8.06 with Subtractions without columns no cars.3dm” and opend it with Rhino 5 Mac.

I found 3 instances of Rhino “Block” in the model.
Rhino Block: https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/usingblocks
Simply saying, objects in the Block are untouchable.

So I executed ExplodeBlock command.
Then I checked the edges of the objects with ShowEdges and there are many naked edges as shown below in pink or purple color. I think they should be fixed.

I don’t know SimScale model format interface supports Block instances of Rhino.
Anyway, If there is no need to use Block instances in analysis models, it is better to execute the ExplodeBlock command or that kind of processes before uploading them.


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