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Fixed Volume Agitation

Hi All,

I am looking to run a simulation which include an off-centre mechanical agitator and an obstacle in the way. My problem is that there is no inlet or outlet. Apologies if this is a simple question. Can this be done?

Thank you in advance for all your help.


Hi @alee,

first of all a warm welcome from my side. Happy you found your way to SimScale. :slight_smile:

Concerning your project you might have a look at this project: Stirred reactor free surface flow

Is that the type of analysis you were looking for? If you could upload your model and tell me some more details what properties/settings your simulation needs to have, that would be the first step to start with your project. Looking forward to helping you!




Thanks for the kind welcoming @jousefm,

Please see the link below i am working on. I would like to see if the current agitator location/blades etc are causing dead areas within the pot. I am not sure if you will be able to access it let me know…



Hi again @alee!

There are some points that need to be fixed regarding the CAD model in order to continue with the simulation.

  • You can clear the unnecessary features in the shaft next to the blades (and unnecessary features in general that have no impact on the solution)

  • Create two seperate cylinders that represent the rotation zone in order to create a cellZone

See also \rightarrow Hex-dominant Parametric mesh for rotating geometries

If you fix these issues we can continue with the meshing. Let me know how things are going.