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Fixed temp boundary condition for CHT analysis

I am trying to set up a conjugate heat transfer simulation of an electronic enclosure and I am not able to set fixed temperature boundary conditions for the ICs. I get the error that “Multiple boundary conditions or interface assignments for the following entities: face35@CAM_IC”. The simulation seems to run when I give an absolute power source. What am i doing wrong?

Project link:

Hey @dmarkr!

I can not see any issue with your setup or simulation as for now. @CFD-SQUAD, could you have a look at our users setup please?



Hello @jousefm,

The issue arises when I try to set fixed temperature BC on one of the contact surfaces. I would like to keep the IC temperature a constant and study the surrounding variations.

I have not been able to find a solution for this problem. If anyone can help, it would be really helpful.



Essentially, in a conjugate heat transfer simulation, it’s not possible to define a boundary condition to an interface (it ends up being overspecified). The interfaces are already defined under the contacts tab:

Some possible work-arounds:

  • If you want to run a conjugate heat transfer, as you pointed out, you’d have to set up a power source;
  • If you absolutely want to fix the temperature on that face, you can try running a “Heat transfer” analysis (which allows you to see the temperature on the solid domain) or a “Convective heat transfer”, which allows you to evaluate the temperature in the flow region.