'Final project' simulation project by atalavera_diez


I created a new simulation project called 'Final project':

Simulations of NACA 0012, NACA 2410 and NACA 64-108 from -15 degrees of angle of attack to 15

More of my public projects can be found here.


Hello @atalavera_diez, great detailed analysis that you did there!

It would be awesome if you could share some of your results and case study comparisons here in the comments section, so that other users understand what you did and also exposing that great effort you put into it.

Best Alex


Hi @afischer,

The project was just the study of the aerodynamic coefficients for a 0.15 M at a 3.4e6 Re. Also in other projects I simulate the same profiles for a 0.65 M and with the data achieved i design my own profile. But respecting with the simulations the data obtained isn’t very accurate. The cl tendency is approximate similar to the ones found in the literature (Abbott) but the aerodynamic stall happen before it should. And the cd data is completely different. I ask in the forum and some SimScale Staff (I don’t remember the name) give it a look but so far the data is still wrong, may be that the problem is in the adjustment between the refinements done for the different geometries created and the background mesh but I am not sure about that. (I say that because some problems I had for the compressible simulation).