'Filling of a maßkrug' simulation project by afischer


I created a new simulation project called 'Filling of a maßkrug':

Filling of a bavarian maßkrug with beer. Interesting factors being: The filling angle (influencing foam development) and the inlet velocity

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Filling of a beer maßkrug

CFD analysis of the filling of a bavarian beer jar (Maßkrug). The simulation has been done with the multiphase analysis type. The study has been done on a very coarse mesh to reduce the simulation time as the project has been created rather to show-case the capabilities than to get very accurate results. In the comparison result screenshot you can see how boundary layers help preventing unphysical flow patterns.



Fluid volume to be filled:

Mesh with boundary layers:


Filling simulation animation:

Comparison results with and without layers:

Comparison animation:

Some renderings of the geometry and results:


Awesome Project  !


great vof but… the bubles?