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:) FEA Simulation runs fail with no Error description and no Solver Logs


@Power_Users or anyone else, please…

Can someone tell me why these two FEA simulation runs fail without error descriptions or Solver Logs:


In both cases I was investigating how mesh fineness affects the deflections and the resulting gap between the thick plates at their corners (in a 1st and 2nd order mesh).

Coarse meshes finish simulations for both 1st and 2nd order meshes.



@DaleKramer: from simulation point of view (not mine, as I do not know anything about FEA) I will beg for more processors. You have > 7 M cells and try simulation on 4 processors…




Can you see how to ask for more processors, I did not see an obvious way :frowning:

Oops, yes it is there, not sure why I missed that earlier :wink: WOW , oh well brain fart … running now at 8

@jousefm, I’ve lost my ‘Mark as answer’ icon again :tired_face:


Hi Dale!

Solved! :wink: Problem is that you have to apply the setting to the subsections separately which is daunting but works like a charm now. Let me know if you need any further assistance with your case.