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FEA Pipe Bending Error

Dear all,

after getting many advice and completed many trials, I am still getting errors for my simulation.
(just stopped after 96 mins (16 core used) and stopping with Error 3 ,& ‘job was prepared successfully’

literally It is driving me mad…
-I was able to do the non linear static analysis with plastic material with the function load for a simple pipe
-I could do the same, original set up but for linear material and displacement

I would really appreciate if somebody would be able to have a look at it and tell me what the major issue is

but when I combine the 2, just getting singularity issues,

(there is a 1/2" pipe sitting on 2off 40mm dia supports and being pushed down with a 40mm dia part, with the function described: -1sin(23.14/100t)-0.01t-1 (thanks to Ben Lewis)
(I did set up the symmetry method)

the material is steel and the stress strain curve (csv) is used

the project is:

many thanks in advance,

Richard Kovacs

Hi @tenshinshoden!

Please give us some time to review the cause of this issue. I will later on have a look at the project but will tag another FEA expert and PowerUser (@ggiraldo) here who might give a quick answer to that. Please note that Ben and all the other PowerUsers are busy people who do not work for us and also have a life outside the forum - it is my job to respond and check out the problems of users :wink: But no worries!

I have copied the project and try to see what can be done but it might take some time though. Thanks for being patient! :slight_smile:



hi @jousefm,

I am really looking forward to get some advice on this.
all day I was replicating similar simulations, but still, I missing here something.

much appreciated,


Hi Richard,

Here is the link to my version of your project:

As you can see, I made some changes to the modelling assumptions, which I think are correct for the intention.

Anyway, the simulation crashes because the geometry is faulty (orphan nodes in the mesh). We need to fix this and try again.


Dear @ggiraldo,

I tried the same principle simulation with different mesh (there was no mesh error)