FEA Out of Memory Error on Fan Wheel

I tried several different meshes with this model, including standard mesh. All result with out of memory error upon running simulation. Please advise ways to potentially fix. Thanks.

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Trying to simulate a fan wheel stresses up to 200 rad/sec and above.

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Screen description of error:
Creation time
Apr 29, 2023 12:59 PM
End time
Apr 29, 2023 1:10 PM
Mesh order: 2nd
Job was prepared successfully.
Number of nodes: 1,428,115
The machine ran out of memory. Please choose a larger machine by increasing the number of computing cores or reduce the domain size and/or the fineness of your mesh.

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Hello @melizabeth , thanks for using the SimScale Forum!

The first thing I noticed is that all faces have been assigned a remote displacement boundary condition, and all displacements (translation, rotation in all axes) are constrained to zero. I suggest only applying this boundary condition where the part is actually supported, and using a Fixed Support boundary condition may be another alternative.

To optimize computational resources and time, I recommend using the Cyclic Symmetry boundary condition for this application.

Blade parts are good candidates for Sweep Mesh Refinement and Partial Thin Mesh to increase efficiency and accuracy. Have you already tried using them?

I hope this advice is helpful.
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