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FEA of KingPin Holder of a car



The objective of this analysis is to check whether ther designed part can withhold the applied stresses when installed in the vehicle.

This part is made of steel and is working parallel to the ground. It will suffer a vertical load of 50 kN (Y positive direction). It is supposed to be bolted to the chassis with the help of holes in the back plate of part.

The largest stresses on the edges will predict if the material is going to yield at these points. Besides, their location and value will help to make design improvements.


The CAD Model was created and cleaned in Solid Works and imported to SIM Scale Workbench . The dimensions of this part are decided according to the chassis of car.


The mesh chosen was a Tet-Dominant one, and it was created by the Automatic Mesher of Simscale. With a moderate fineness, enough resolution is obtained to identify the areas with larger stresses. No refinement regions were created, so the resultant mesh is homogeneous to capture stresses and strains uniformly on all over the solid.


The holes for mounting are fixed as they were to be mounted to the chassis.

The reaction force of 50kN is applied to the bottom faces of holder strips.

Simulation Results

The results of the simulations are as followings.



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