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FEA Exam Exercise 2


I started doing the 2nd exercise with the hinge and pin. I simplified the geometry by cutting it in half and using a symmetry boundary.

I deleted the default bonded contact that was created and set a physical contact with penalty method. I set the hinge as the master since it has a higher stiffness.

Since i am on the community edition, the model either crashes or runs very slowly.

Could you please help me with the setup?


Hi there!

We need:

  1. Your project link

  2. Optimally a screenshot of the problem

  3. Maybe the link to the training you are talking about (is it really the professional training?!)



Hi Jousef,

This is the link to the simulation.

It is the 2nd exercise from the professional training.



Hi @vignesh,

I took a quick look at your problem and I was able to get it to run with a few changes.

  1. I split the contacts surfaces so the master and the slave are the same size.

  2. Added an elastic support to help stabilize the model.

    Here is the link to the my copy of the project.

With these changes it solved to .1 in about 90 minutes. Let me know if this helps at all. If you are still having problems I can look into it more tomorrow.

Good Luck!


Hi Christopher.

Thanks for sharing the file and the steps you took.

I had a question, Can this be done without the elastic support as well? Since the problem definition in the exam did not mention anything about an elastic support?


Hi Christopher, I am unable to open your file. I think the link is broken.

Could you please share again?



Hi @bignash88,

Try the link now, I accidentally had the project set to Private.

The elastic Support is needed stabilize the rigid body motion before the contact is computed. The value should be large enough to stabilize the model but not stiff enough to affect the results.

Please let me know if that helps.


Hi @cjquijano,

Thank you for the link and the explanation. I was able to get it to run based on your suggestion. Unfortunately, the simulation timed out on the free community version of simscale.