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FE Analysis - NACA Profile

I am doing a simulation of front wing stress test so that i can design the inner structure of the wing
However, i encounter an error message saying me that:

"“Warning: There are multiple solids detected in your model but not a single contact between them. In this case the solids don’t influence each other and the analysis will probably fail. Please review your model and add contacts if you want to connect the solids in any way.”

how can i fix this? Can anyone tell me where my setting or concept wrong? really thanks a lot

Here is my project:

there is just a shell wing and no inner structure inside, the hole on the wing is pretended to be the mounting, do my concept wrong? thanks

Hi @bning12!

The @PowerUsers_FEA and I will have a look at it and get back to you as soon as possible!

A first try on your project can be found here: NACA Profile - FE Analysis. Let me know what you think - maybe our PowerUsers can add some comments.



Hello @bning12,

It looks like your geometry imported as two solids, one forms the upper portion of the wing and one forms the bottom portion of the wing. On the Simulation Designer tab you need go into Contacts and define a Bonded Contact between top and bottom solids at both the leading edge and the trailing edge. Check out the image below and let me know if you have any further questions.