'Fan CFD5' simulation project by andrewlee


I created a new simulation project called 'Fan CFD5':

flow around propeller fan blade

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The results seem wrong!


Do you have experimental data you are working with @andrewlee?




I have the experimental data measured at a distance, with an hot wire anemometer.


I can have at your setup later on @andrewlee!

Have you thought about aberrations coming from your experimental setup? Are you working with CTA or CCA? Is the hot wire anemometer calibrated? These are questions that need to be covered first. Because if the experiment causes some errors the simulation should not be trimmed such that the results match an erroneous experiment. In any case I will have a look at your setup as soon as I am home from university.

Cheers and all the best!



It is CCA technique. The calibration is still within 1 year from last calibration. I have a friend who did the simulation on different software and got something similar to experimental result. But setting up on simscale seems to be more tricky. Or maybe I do not understand timestep of the simulation properly.


Sounds good @andrewlee!

I will have a look at your project and get back to you if I find something out!




Hi @andrewlee and sorry for the big delay - completely forgot to answer your query.

Did you make any progress with your simulation in the meantime?




Hi @jousefm ,

I am not sure if the error or issues come from using public project version or not, or whether it is due to incorrect settings. Therefore I am exploring and learning other software to see if there are more favorable results.



Hi @andrewlee!

Errors or aberrations in the simulation are not related to projects being public or private but on your setup. Did your colleague share the settings with you so we could “translate” the settings from there into OpenFOAM language.




Hi @jousefm,

The following are friend’s case that he carried out in Openfoam:
Version: v6-komegaSST
Runtime(t): 0.2s
Model: k-omega sst
inlet BC: P zero gradient, v=0,
Outlet BC: P=0, V inletoutlet*
No. of cells: 0.477 pie,
I.C. (SI): k=0.015, epsilon = 0.064, omega = 4.27
yplus: min =0.76, max = 20.20, average = 6.02.

*inletoutlet BC: Same as zero gradientbut switches to v=0 if the velocity vector next to the boundary aims inside the domain.