Failing to learn CFD

Hello there , i m mechanical engineering student it is my 2nd year. I wanna learn cfd i tried via tutorials but when i take any different geometry i fail i don’t know why but i wanna understand CFD not just copy steps from tutorials.
Please suggest me any website or book that teaches basic things so i can understand more easily CFD and if you have any recommendation what should i do before start making simulation please tell me.
All answers are highly appreciated.

Hi @mpeza and thanks for that question!

I totally agree and would suggest some things that you can work on in order to solidify your knowledge in the field of CFD.

  1. Pick a project like the classical backward facing step and try to build it from scratch in a CAD software, import it to SimScale and see what effect different turbulence models have on the solution

  2. Work on something that peers of you work on and build a group, sync from time to time and compare what your results look like - have discussions (should have done that myself more, lol)

  3. Have a video about book recommendations for CFD, which I recently put out here - you can also find a crash course about CFD (Beginner’s Guide) on my channel.

  4. Pick a subject from the SimScale Academy and just take the geometry and work on it as if you had no instructions at your hand and then compare on how it has been done in the tutorial

I think there are some other ways in order to get started but that would be my recommendation.

Hope that helps!


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