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Face with low minimum angle error

Hi, I am doing an FEA on my landing gear and while meshing there seems to be an error; I cannot seem to rectify this error. Please have a look at the below picture. I am doing a STATIC- LINEAR ANALYSIS; with a TET-dominant mesh.

How can I clear this problem out ?

Link to project :
Simulation_name : Static -2

Hi @g1894145
I see you’ve been using the tet-dominant mesher. Is there any reason why you’re using it? I would always recommend the standard mesher which tends to be much more robust.
Let me know if that helped.

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Hmm, actually the majority of projects that I’ve seen use a TET-dominant mesher for static FEA’s. But I recently ran a mesh using the standard-mesher and that seems to work perfectly. I guess I’ll stick to it. :+1:

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yes that’s the burden of legacy. Historically, the tet-dominant mesher is older so there was a time when our users had no other option. However, the new stuff is way better - trust me :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help :smiley: :+1: