'F1_Workshop_Session_2' simulation project by unai


I created a new simulation project called 'F1_Workshop_Session_2':

F1 Rearwing CFD

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Effect of the louvres

I have downloaded the 6 simulations to postprocesss them offline with Paraview, and I have created some pictures to understand the effect of the louvres in the fluid field.

The graphs are arranged in two rows of three items, with the inlet wind speed growing from left to right (40, 60, 80 m/s), the geometry with louvres in theupper row and the one without in the lower row.

Uy in the louvres region. It can be seen that the region with high negative Uy velocity just above the vertical plate is stronger in the wing without louvres. The intensity increases from left to right with wind speed also,

X-Vorticity in a downwards X-plane. The magnitude of the X-component of the vorticity in a downwards plane shows also that the tip vortex is of greater intensity for the wing without louvres (lower row).

The magnitude of the vortex can also be seen with plots of the transversal components of speed in the same plane:

Uy in a downwards X-plane.

Uz in a downwards X-plane.


@unai, awesome :slight_smile: great post-processing images!