'F1_Workshop_Session_2' simulation project by ggiraldo


Homework 2

This is the project for homework 2 of the F1 Workshop

Simulation Setup

The simulation was set up according to the tutorial, with the exception that a finer mesh was used to correctly model the rear wing surface.

Following can be seen details of the two meshes:

Image 1: mesh for model with louvres

Image 2: mesh for model without louvres


A total of six simulations were carried out, for flow speeds 40, 60 and 80 m/s on both models. To calculate total forces over the body, only pressure and viscous forces were taken into account, with directions:

  • Drag: +X direction
  • Downforce: -Z direction

The following data was obtained:

Image 3: Flow speed vs. Aerodynamic forces

As can be seen, this simulation didn’t show any advantage from the use of the louvres in the rearwing endplates, with the biggest variation being 0.3%. This value is too small to be considered revealing. Other simulations with finer meshes could be carried out to further investigate and rule out that the meshes used are too coarse.

The following plot shows that the louvres work as intended, conducting air from the inside to the outside of the rear wing:

Image 4: Y velocity component through the louvres

We can also look at the flow stream lines through the section in both cases, so we can see the variation in the wake vortex :

.Image 5: Stream lines for rear wing with louvres

Image 6: Stream lines for rear wing without louvres


A CFD simulation was carried out to measure the performance of a Formula 1 rear wing model, in terms of the downforce and drag forces at various speeds, and for models with and without louvres in the endplate. Forces were computed but the effect of the louvres on them could not be judged, apart from the shape of the wake vortex.

Technology Used

Meshing: OpenFOAM through Simscale
Simulation: OpenFOAM through Simscale
Posprocessing: Excel, Paraview

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