'F1_Workshop_Session_2_SAK' simulation project by SAK


I created a new simulation project called 'F1_Workshop_Session_2_SAK':

F1 Rearwing CFD

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Okay, so I am facing issues simulating airflow around the rear wing without louvre. The mesh did not generate correctly for the one without louvre and I got warnings saying mesh check failed. I proceeded to simulate with the incorrect mesh and the simulation was running incorrectly. I made multiple attempts after downloading the CAD geometry and re-uploading the same and trying to perform simulation on it. It never worked out and I don’t know why. The project file is partially done, which means I successfully performed CFD simulation on the rear wing with louvre for all three velocity cases.


@SAK - Sorry to hear that you are running into these issues, I’ll try to take a look later today and see what is going on. In the meantime you can also make a post in the F1 workshop forum - maybe one of the other participants has had this same problem and can help you out.


@AnnaFless - But I had to submit the second homework partially done. I could not get it resolved. I got a mail from a Simscale representative and I did share my public profile with him. But I was a bit late to respond.


@SAK, that’s ok - learning is the most important part of these workshops and exercises. Once you have the homework completed, let me know and I’ll make sure you get full credit for this :slight_smile:


@AnnaFless Could you provide me the link to the CAD model of the rear wing without louvre? Thanks in advance.


Hi @SAK - you have this CAD model in your project (labeled Rear_Wing_2)


Hi @AnnaFless, I used that CAD file multiple times, downloaded it, re-uploaded, tried to mesh it multiple times but I got warnings saying the geometry has some issues and there are intersecting features and therefore, the mesh did not generate correctly.


Yes other users brought up this issue, take a look here in the forum. This error is coming from another mesh quality test that’s not relevant to this example. Hope this helps!



@AnnaFless. Thank you so much Anna. that is exactly what I experienced. And I tried running one case with that mesh and the computational time increased significantly. I thought this might be due to the bad mesh and I aborted the run. So can I submit this project again along with the final one? Will I still qualify for the certification?


@SAK - yes definitely. The public link you submitted always refers to your current version of the project so we will see that you have made updates. I’ll make sure Milad knows about this so that you can receive the certification.


Thank you. That is highly appreciated.


@AnnaFless I am still facing issues. Simulation run failed and I tried to refine the mesh on the surfaces. Even that failed. Could you take a look at my project file?


Hi @SAK, I’ve had a look and if you change the meshing operation to run on 16 cores rather than 32 cores it works. You can have a look at mesh 2 2 here