F1 Workshop, Session 2 and 3 Question

Hello Everyone,

I am going through the Formula 1 workshop and I have a question.

Session 2 covered a thermal stress analysis. In this session the exhaust was modeled and the stress was calculated using simple conduction and convection boundary conditions. In session 3 a CFD analysis is performed and the temperatures and pressures are calculated based on the airflow.

Is it possible to use the results of the CFD analysis (pressure and temperature) and apply these as boundary conditions in a structural analysis to calculate the stress and deformation of the exhaust?


Hi @cjquijano,

this is something we are working on but it’s not yet in production. So currently you would need to average the temperature and pressure and apply them as a homogeneous boundary condition on the inner surface of the exhaust. In the future it will be possible to transfer solutions from one simulation run as an initial or boundary condition of another run. Is this something you need right now for your project?

Happy simulating,