'F1 Workshop Example 5 - Analysis of a piston-crankshaft assembly' simulation project by rszoeke


I created a new simulation project called 'F1 Workshop Example 5 - Analysis of a piston-crankshaft assembly':

In this project a static analysis of a crankshaft-piston-rod assembly is demonstrated.

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This analysis was featured in the SimScale Formula One Workshop.

The CAD model is courtesy of GrabCAD member Hussam Kamel. The assembly was uploaded as a STEP file to SimScale and meshed using the fully automatic tetrahedralization. The resulting mesh is shown in the picture below.

For the static analysis multiple contacs have been made. The pressure resulting of the combustion in the different chambers is applied on top of both pistons. One end of the crankshaft can rotate freely around the rotation axis, while the other end is fixed. The sliding interaction of the pistons with the motor block is modelled with a symmetry boundray condition. After the definition of the loads and the boundary conditions a static analysis was carried out. The results are shown in the pictures below.


can you explain why one end of the crankshaft has been fixed?

Why remote displacement was selected for these can you explain what do you mean by remote displacement?