'F1 homework 5 - Analysis of a 1-cylinder engine' simulation project by rszoeke


I created a new simulation project called 'F1 homework 5 - Analysis of a 1-cylinder engine':

In this project a static analysis of a 1-cylinder engine is demonstrated.

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This analysis was featured in the SimScale Formula One Workshop.

The two CAD models are courtesy of GrabCAD member Hussam Kamel. Both were uploaded as STEP files to the SimScale Platform and meshed using the fully automatic tetrahedralization. The resulting meshes are shown in the pictures below.

First a simple static analysis of a small piece of the crankshaft is made. The interaction between the rod and the crankshaft is modelled with a uniform pressure on one surface. The results are shwon in the picture below.

To estimate the error of the assumptions made in the first simulation a more complex analysis was carried out. Here the interactions between the crankshaft, the rod and the pistons are modelled with more realistic contacts. Now the following results can be compared with the first simulation.