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External Aerodynamic Mesh Creation

Hi, I am new and trying to make a external Aerodynamic Simulation. I am having trouble making the mesh for the simulation. All the tutorials are kind of old and I wasn’t able to follow along.

Hi @ironwolf!

Please feel free to share your project with us here in form of a link and we will have a look at that! :slight_smile:




The mesh looks quite okay although I would definitely make the domain a bit smaller as it is way too big. Also you can add another refinement region around the model. @anirudh2821998, @Get_Barried, @Retsam or @DaleKramer might give you some additional input here. All in all the setup itself looks good!




@jousefm suggested your Background Mesh Box should be a ‘bit smaller’, but it is ‘understatement’. It should be at least 10 times smaller.

Your geometry should be not in the middle, but rather near the inlet. Apart from inlet and outlet definitions, you have to define such a boundary as tunnel walls (slippy) and your geometry being ‘non-slip’ wall.

Start small, do not over define your ‘refinement’ regions. Later on, you can find what to define about your mesh (like features) and why to define.




Good input Andrzej - he made some quick changes right here :slight_smile:

@ironwolf, please do not create too much posts and keep everything in one place except if it is a different topic or totally unrelated to your current project. Keeps things nice in place.



Is there a way to hide the bounding box in post processing?

Hi @ironwolf

  1. To hide the bounding box you should first make the faces of the cover visible(parts>bounding volume)-

  2. Select the bounding box surface and decrease its opacity to 0.

You will get the desired result after these 2 steps


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@ironwolf try to implement this suggestion. At first glance I was not even able to see the geometry on which you are performing the external aerodynamics :rofl:.

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Yup did that work perfectly