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Exporting simulation data for each vertex

I would like to export simulation data—displacements, say, or temperatures—for all vertices in a mesh. My hope is to use this data to drive a custom 3-D animation in Blender. If I can get this data in a CSV (or similar) file, I am all set. Is this possible?


Hi @tsoares,

That is possible using Paraview which you can get all data in your nodes using the probe location filter. I did a quick tutorial for you:

  • File > Open your .pvd file then click apply > Filters > Alphabetical > Probe Location then click apply > click in the eye beside your .pvd file.

In this case, I have 156858 nodes (the last number that I show in the spreadsheet). As you can see, all the data about the nodes are there.

Download Paraview
Please, let me know if you have more questions :smile:



EDIT1: Sorry for the poor quality. a gif with higher quality would be above the 3072kb allowed by the site.


This is beautiful. Thanks! If I can do this, I will have a severe shortage of time for many weekends to come.

Hi @tsoares!

Please mark the excellent answer of Vinicius as the solution, thanks :slight_smile:



I actually don’t see a button for that… How do I accept an answer? I should know this : /

Impressive visualizations in Paraview. For my purposes, I need to get the data into Blender (3-D animation tool), preferably in CSV format. Will I be able to export the vertex data in Paraview for import into Blender? Would I be able to get that data from the SimScale exported files (without going through Paraview)? It seems that the data would be among the SimScale exported files?

Thanks again!

Hi @tsoares,

does that here somehow help?

You can find some good forum posts on Google when you look for export from Paraview to Blender if you consider doing that.



That is perfect. People have clearly been doing this for a while! Very cool. Thanks again!

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