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Error while uploading solid model to the Simscale from solidworks

I have tried to upload a solid model from Solidworks and an error occurs (Error Code: 8478fae8)
I’m trying to simulate a wing section with extended flaps

Sorry for the late response @nliyanage!

Have you made sure that your file is one of the file types listed here: Supported CAD Formats - if you did but it is still failing there might be an issue with your CAD geometry. If you did not fix it already feel free to share the geometry here by sharing a Google Drive link or anything similar and the @power_users or myself can have a closer look at that!

Cheers and stay safe!


yeah i have tried Assebly from Solidworks and as a Zip file

Hi @nliyanage,

I saw that you managed to upload the geometry and run simulations as well. Nice job! :slight_smile:

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