Error on simulation

Dear All,
I am trying to build thermal simulation on Radiator. The project could see on this link “SimScale Login

I have try a several simulation setting to. The purpose of this simulation is to know thermal behavior on my liquid water. The inlet and outlet pressure of water is 400 kPA with inlet temperature is 80*C and a fan as setting on “Boundary condition”. With those build up on CAD model, I want to simulate how thermal condition on those water.

But after a few times simulation I had try, I still can’t get a right simulation and even a lot of error. Please focus on CHT v2.06 simulation, or if anyone could build a better setting simulation ?

Hey there!

I can see that you already have a successful simulation, maybe you already fixed the issue?

I reviewed your setup and it called my attention that you have a pressure inlet and a pressure outlet combination for the water fluid region. Also, the pressure is the same at 500 kPa. This looks kind of strange to me, how do you expect to have a flow? We always recommend a velocity inlet + pressure outlet combo, which is the most simple and stable.

Dear Sir,

My plan on this simulation is use pump each of it (inlet and outlet). So the water inlet and outlet will flow through those pump.

I understand, I would recommend to use a velocity inlet, with a volumetric flow rate corresponding to the output of the upstream pump. For the outlet, use an outlet pressure with 0 value, which is relative.

You can also monitor the produced flow rate and pressure drop, in order to verify that the conditions are realistic.

Dear sir,
I don’t know what going on for CHT v2.0.6, but I can’t put 0 (zero) for outlet pressure. It always become error.

Sorry, my mistake. In CHTv2 the pressures are absolute, so you would input the value of atmospheric pressure.