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Error in Inflation

I’m trying to CFD for the development of Aero package of an FSAE car. But im unable to create an inflation layer around the body of wing.

Here is the Project link:

I can see the first layer of around the wing is finely meshed. and from the mesh clip you shared it seems like you do have a fine mesh around the wing, so what seems to be the problem?

He might be talking about this, no layers.

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Hi @Deepank, why did you insert min thickness value as 0, it is creating issue with boundary layer, just give it a valid value and try again.

I have only created layers using the Hex Parametric algorithm.

You use the ‘Hex dominant (only CFD)’, it may be possible that algorithm uses relative layering and your requested 1st Layer size of 0.0015 m is actually a ratio of final layer to local cell size and likely you would need to enter the 1st layer size as a ratio, likely 0.5 or so depending on the surface refinement level you have selected for the wings.

That is just a thought, I could be way off base.

Otherwise, perhaps try the more detailed ‘Hex parametric’ algorithm.