Erroneous Mesh


I re-ran an old mesh in this project without changing any settings but it fails


Hi @hnassar!

Having a look at it later on and will get back to you asap.




Hi again @hnassar!

Can you tell me what mesh you are referring to? I also changed the link you posted as the one you added was not yours. The more information you provide us with the better.

Thanks a lot and cheers!



The first one. I am trying the third one now it has less error cells

#5 Mesh “Copy of Model-Conf-1-2 mesh 2” failed


Hi @hnassar!

I have made some adaptions on the mesh and invited you to the project. Give me some feedback if everything is fine!

Cheers and have a nice weekend!



Thank you I will try but i don’t understand why it would fail now when it succeeded before
could you explain the problem and specify the changes and why you chose them


Hey @hnassar!

I simply reduced two refinements of you and went from level 7-8 down to 5-5 as well as reducing the number of cores to 16 which turned out to work in this case. :wink: