Enclosure Will Not Work

Here is my project, when I try to make the enclosure it comes back with “An unexpected error occurred, contact support.”

I am already in parasolid form so I do not know what the issue is.

Hey @nschaefer

For CFD simulations, it is required to have a very clean and simple geometry. It seems that you have taken your fully detailed model from the team and tried to use that. This will cause a lot of problems during meshing as you would have to put cells on every small detail making the mesh size huge.

You need simplify a lot of this model before its ready for simulation. For example dont use the full suspension with spring and damper but replace it with a simple cylinder. Remove all holes & small objects and replace them with simple geometry. Try to make everything watertight, no gaps, no overlapping geometry.

Another main problem is that you have sheet bodies in your geometry. For CFD, you must have ZERO sheet bodies for the geometry to work. This means no surfaces, only solids.

Once this is taken care of, try another upload and see if your enclosure works

Good luck!