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Enclosure error: There is no solid region in the model

I am trying to run an incompressible simulation to study car aerodynamics but whenever I go to create the enclosure around the vehicle it gives me the following error: “There is no solid region in the model. Please try to thicken or extrude sheet bodies to make them solids.”
I’m wondering what the problem may be as I have tried to troubleshoot the problem with no luck. Here is the link to the project:

Thank you


Upon looking at your file it appears to be majority of faces instead of a solid volume. This could be a file exporter problem with your CAD software. I suggest trying to export your file as another accepted file type (Step, STL, ect.) and see if that allows you to run a mesh and simulation. It could be also a way you created the CAD model, and in that case you can try using a boolean operation with your model. This will create a secondary model that is a solid volume, and done in your CAD program. Let us know if either of these gives you any success.


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