'elektromotor' simulation project by ubruder


I created a new simulation project called 'elektromotor':

static analysis starting from step

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Hey @ubruder!

Nice to see you on SimScale! :slight_smile: My colleague Marcus told me that you are having some problems with your case. I think overall your mesh looks fine. The mesh being not symmetric is okay for the coil but if you see closely for the other solids it’s nearly symmetric.

Since each coil has edges at different locations therefore the mesh looks little different, but it’s not a big problem. Furthermore, I have noticed that you can only take half of the along z-axis due to symmetry along x-y plane. Please see the image below:

If your load is symmetric along this axis then you can take only half of the model which will decrease mesh size and then overall computation time.

If you want your mesh to be more consistent, try to use Tetrahedral parametric with some average parameters you got from your automatically created mesh. For the consistency make sure that the minimum and maximum edge length is not highly different. For more info. on this mesh type, please see our documentation here: Mesh Generation | Tetrahedral parametric

Hope this helps. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.