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'Dyson bladeless fan' simulation project by pi3141


I created a new simulation project called 'Dyson bladeless fan':

Don't force me to write a description. At least give me a chocolate treat if I do. BTW: The category menu scrolls way to fast/is too small for the scrolling speed of most people.

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finally somebody who did this. I'm gonna make a copy and have a look myself! been looking for a dyson bladeless fan geometry for ages now!!


@rapetrei great that all my hard work helped somebody :slight_smile: I had some problems to mesh the narrow slit properly. Also I should have made the bounding box way bigger. Let me know once you have your first simulations started. Would like to see proper results. Have fun simulating!


@pi3141 you are right about the slit. it’s times like this I wish I could use ICEM to mesh instead of OpenFOAM’s snappyHexMesh. I’m on it though and will update you once I got my results.

did you create the geometry yourself?


@rapetrei No, all credit belongs to Park who uploaded his model on Grabcad.


thanks. Also it seems like when I try to remesh, even if I remesh your own meshes it doesn’t like the CAD. hopefully the SimScale team will be able to have a look at it for me next week.