'Dynamic crash' simulation project by pgaviria


I created a new simulation project called 'Dynamic crash':

car crash

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Hi @pgaviria, this looks like a fun simulation! Let us know on the forums if you need any help.


Hi @pgaviria, Your project seems to be really interesting to work upon. I have made some following changes as follows:

  1. I have given suitable material properties to both the structure of the car as well as the wall.
  2. I have fixed the wall and also added certain velocity to the car so that it strikes the wall
  3. I have also made some changes in the numerics and simulation run so as to obtain the result in a shorter span.
    And then carry out a simulation run.
    Do have a look below in the project with all the above mentioned changes.

car crash dynamic simulation result

Above picture shows just one frame of car crash with the wall.

One suggestion that can additionally be done is to prepare a car model in which different material properties can be assigned to different parts of the car so as to properly analyse the crash behavior of the car. For example : Plastic materials for the bumpers, Aluminium for the shell of the body, Rubber for tyres, Glass for the windscreen etc…

With Regards
Shiv Ohri