'Dynamic Analysis of a Spring Mount System' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Dynamic Analysis of a Spring Mount System':

This project shows the dynamic response of a damped spring mount system after the applied pressure is released.

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Spring mounts are commonly used to isolate broad range of low disturbing frequencies produced by the equipment operating in wide vibration sensitive spans such as upper level of buildings. A generator operating at 4th floor of a building can be a good example. In this project the dynamic damped response of the spring mount was observed by applying a pressure on the top plate and releasing it immediately.The generator geometry used for thumbnail was provided by ievgen whereas the geometry of spring mount was created on Onshape and then uploaded to the SimScale platform. Due to symmetry, only a quarter of the model was considered. 1/8th of a sphere was also considered at some distance from the middle of the spring mount in order to take into account the weight and center of gravity of the equipment on it. It is then meshed using fully automatic tetrahedralization tool on the platform. The geometry and mesh are shown in the figure below.

Dynamic analysis was selected for this case. In order to reproduce a real world problem, weight of ~60 kg was considered on spring mount system through a 1/8th sphere with center of gravity as center of sphere. Then pressure was applied on one of the surface of the top plate (red highlighted area in geometry figure) and immediately released in order to see the response of the spring mount system. Rayleigh damping was used for the damping of spring. The values are calculated by considering damping ratio of 1% (i.e. 0.01) at natural frequencies of 25 Hz and 200 Hz. The figures below shows the displacement of the whole system and vonMises stress in spring.

The graph below shows the displacement plot of the spring. The decreasing amplitude trend clearly shows the effect of damping.